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  Introducing Aumi

Aumi is a bluetooth enabled, multi-color, rechargeable LED night light that you control with your phone. It has a built in battery that will last up to 8 hours per charge so you can place your Aumi anywhere you want.

Aumi is the world’s best night light.

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The Aumi app allows complete control over the brightness and color of your light by allowing you to choose from an array of over 16 million different color options.
Place it anywhere
The built in rechargeable battery allows you to bring your Aumi with you wherever you go. Its perfect for kids who need a late night companion.

Set functions
Use the app to set specific dimming timers. Its perfect during a black out, you can set Aumi to automatically remain on during a power outage.

Have fun
Aumi is super fast to set up. Just plug it in to any outlet, download the app and enjoy everything Aumi has to offer.